What People Are Saying About Beyond Limits...

It is not always easy to take care of ourselves (mind, body, and spirit) the way we are supposed to.  It is so easy to let unkind, unproductive thoughts preoccupy our mind and affect our spirit in a negative way, not to mention keeping our body strong and healthy.  I find your pilates class helps me do both. - A.S.

When I arrive at your class in the morning I have my reservations.  When I leave your class I'm tired but smiling.  Your classes have taken me from a 57 year old to feeling like I'm 30 again.  They have eliminated my need to take cholesterol meds. Dropping my level from 220 down to 143. High blood pressure runs in my family. I'm the only one in my family not on blood pressure meds. All because you and your classes. I feel your classes are doing the community a great service  what a shame if they were cut.  Thanks again for making me sweat, if not for you I have no will power to do it on my own. - K.D.

 It is difficult for me to put into words how Cara's fitness classes have impacted my life because it has on so many levels.  I have always been obese and have never really figured out the combination of things I needed to do to become healthy until now.  I have exercised in the past, but not with much results due to the fact I did not include healthy eating and realizing I needed more supplements then what I could obtain from food.  Cara has helped me lose 30lbs and over 18 inches in the last year and half!  I can honestly say this has not been easy for me because it has been a lifestyle change.  There have been tears shed and I have received much needed encouragement from Cara when I wanted to give up!  I have never felt stronger in my life and I can do so much more without feeling winded or having back pain.  Maybe the best thing that has happened lately is that I have stopped smoking after 30 years!  I have no doubt in my mind this would not have happened without the continuous encouragement from Cara to live a healthy lifestyle!  Did I mention the friends I have gained by coming to fitness classes?  We laugh, we groan, we complain, and then we share stories about our lives together.  Knowing others are struggling just like you really does help to reach your goals.   I have become more knowledgable about what to eat, how to take care of my body, and so much more information that Cara has shared with me and in turn have been able to pass that on to my family and friends!  I look forward to my fitness classes because I know that I am doing something wonderful for me.  I cannot say enough about the dedication that Cara has given her clients with her hard work, encouragement, articles, and probably most importantly her love.  She has become a person that I not only look up to for her drive and dedication but value her as a friend. - M.S.

Cara is making an impact on the community through her gift of fitness and wellness. I know that it is my responsibility to take care of all aspects of my life, spiritually, mentally and physically and Cara is a great role model of that. - H.J.

Boot camp is awesome.   I have never had the nerve to join exercise classes but everyone is so nice and friendly!  I have already lost some weight which is awesome.  I have followed weight watchers for years and done fairly well until the last 9 months or so.  Your class has finally got the scale to moved back down again which I love but for the first time in a long time I am doing something for me.  This has also helped my mood and attitude! -M.U.