Saturday, April 21, 2012

Is Fear Holding You Back?

What is your answer to that question? Is fear holding you back?

You may immediately think, "No! What do I have to be scared about?"

But, when it comes to weight loss and hitting new fitness goals, sometimes fear takes hold of us - the fear of failing...

It is all about that mental game again that I am always talking about.

Think about this - what is the story you tell yourself about your body?

Do these kind of stories sound familiar? "I am not strong enough to finish this workout." "I am fat. I cannot lose all this weight. I will never lose the weight." "I am ugly, have thunder thighs, a muffin top, etc. etc."

Do those kind of stories empower you? No way!! But, look again at the picture above. That kind of a story does empower you and that is what you need to start thinking and believing about yourself!

If you know that your current story does NOT empower you, develop a new story. Don't ever look back or repeat that old story in your head again. Make strategies to change the way you think, and get in an empowered state of mind. Get excited! Be confident!

Repeat your new story over and over in your head and find yourself proving it true every day!

New habits.
New patterns.
No excuses!

You can do it! Turn fear into power!